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    About Us


    The best possible future for your child begins with the best possible start. Studies support this, and demonstrate that the early years in a child’s life are the most important for building strong language and literacy skills.

    Every child, regardless of their circumstance, needs the right developmental support in these important early years. We know that children who miss out on this vital component often start their education journey not “school ready”. This development gap in many cases never entirely closes and addressing these issues simply gets harder as children get older.

    As a parent, you have the greatest power to help your child build language and literacy skills. Since you’re the one your child interacts with most and feels most comfortable communicating with, your time together has huge potential to help them learn and master new skills.

    Even if your child’s language skills are developing typically, it’s still important to make the most of every moment so that you can give them every opportunity to become an accomplished reader, writer, communicator and thinker.

    Additionally, if you have a child with a language delay or social communication difficulties, the desire to take action to support your child is even greater. Seeking professional help is the most important first step, but you may also be keen to understand what you can do to help your child learn. Yabayaba is here to guide you.  



    Yabayaba Resources have been developed and used over the past 20 years in communities across Australia. Created by one of Australia's leading Speech & Language Pathologists and Educators, Mary-Ruth Mendel, who is passionate about empowering parents, carers and educators with the best tools and skills that work with their children. 

    Yabayaba Resources empower parents, carers and educators with clear, multisensory techniques and resources that can be incorporated into learning routines in school and home contexts.

    Our aim is for you to confidently be able to support your child to make progress in the critical components of language and literacy development.

    These effective and easy to use teaching tools prepare children to be strong readers, writers and communicators, and can assist any child requiring targeted literacy support. They breakdown complex concepts into easy to follow steps that stimulate multi-sensory learning. 

    Our resources lay the foundations for learning to read and write via:

    • Oral language proficiency.
    • Phonemic awareness.
    • Print awareness.
    • Vocabulary development.
    • Early listening and reading comprehension.

    Yabayaba Resources are for all children. In particular, our resources sensitively and appropriately address the developmental learning needs of children who require additional support.

    Our resources have proven outcomes, and children from all backgrounds and circumstances have improved their vital pre-literacy skills as a result of engaging with our expert resources.

    Our resources are designed to:

    • Ensure prior-to-school aged children are prepared to be literacy ready in the developmentally appropriate timeframe.
    • Provide a strong transition into formal school entry.
    • Support vulnerable children during the formal school years with the ‘extra lessons’ that are so vital for reading success.
    • Improve a child’s cognitive and perceptual development.

    The resources have been developed based on current evidence and best practice drawn from the fields of speech and language pathology, pre-literacy and language development, linguistics and education. Our resources align with the Early Years Learning Framework, Australian Early Development Census domains, National Learning Progression and the National Quality Standards.